Don’t forget to love me today also

I used to love you… you and the smile on your face

It’s not like you’re getting older, it’s not the case!

It’s not like I’ve stopped feeling it…no!

But I would like to have the butterflies again, tho’!


There are days that I keep looking at pictures

I’d really love to laugh again ‘till tears…

See how happy we were? It’s not like I’m not anymore…

But we used to live the moment, don’t think about the others…we were the core !


Now  we keep putting ourselves at the end, finding excuses

That’s not right! Why let the time fuzes?

Saying that we will be happy when we’ll be  old…

We’re here…we need to live every moment ‘till we get mold.


Keep loving me and I’ll keep loving you

We will get it through…

Just don’t forget to love me today also

…and I’ll fall so!


We need to keep writing chapters

Maybe we are just simple actors…

I want  a happy ending story…but with no end!

Maybe it’s just a simple play… a life to spend.









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